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Infection Control Guidelines

New Haven Learning Hubs adhere to the following infection control protocols:


All Spaces will be inspected by the City of New Haven and meet requirements set by the Health Department.  


Students and Staff that report illness are asked to stay home.  


Each site will formalize an individualized drop off and pick up procedure. 


Daily  Health Screening Questions for staff and students. 

  • Screening will be updated routinely to meet all CDC, State and local Health Dept Guidelines.  

  • Screening will meet NHPS requirements.  

  • Screening will occur individually prior to entering the site.


Staff will be assigned temperature taking for all staff and students. 

  • Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building.   

  •  Anyone with a temp over 100 will be sent home.  


Staff and Students must be wearing a mask to enter the building.

  • Masks will be available for any lost or need to replace them during the day


Everyone will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering the building


All Students will be assigned spaces.  Spaces will be set up 6 feet apart.  


Students will be given space to individually store  their items for the day.  


Signs will be posted in the space with reminders to wear a mask, wash your hands and watch your distance.  


Students and Staff  will be prompted to wash hands throughout the day. 

  • Hand washing will be done before and after eating. 

  • Before serving food

  • After Bathroom use 

  • After returning indoors.  

  • After coughing or sneezing

  • After touching surfaces that may be contaminated


No sharing of equipment or supplies will be allowed.  Each student should have their own set of supplies for the day.  


No sharing of food or drink  during the day. 

  •  No outside food allowed into the learning hub with exceptions for food allergies.  


Students will be offered individualized mask breaks during the day. 


Space will be sanitized by staff during the day. 

  • Sink Handles, printers, door handles will be identified as shared objects and cleaned routinely.  

  • Spaces will routinely be wiped down before and after food is served.  

  • Contaminated surfaces will be isolated and  cleaned as soon as possible.  


Pick up:  students will be released individually to a guardian or other individual listed on the emergency list.  


Full cleaning will be done of the space each night.  

Ongoing education of staff regarding COVID 19 will be done during weekly meetings.  


Ongoing quality improvement to make safe spaces will be done by supervisors of sites.  


If a student or staff report illness during the day: 

  • Steps will be taken to isolate the individual from others and have them safely exit the site with a guardian or other emergency contact. 

  • Learning Hub staff will work with students' guardians to identify the next steps in collaboration with their physician and the health department prior to returning.  Staff will be asked to return with a doctor's note.  

  • As needed in consultation with the Health Department, sites may go online until contact tracing can be completed. 

  • Individuals at risk will follow all Health Department guidelines prior to returning to the site.  

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